Save your Relationship to Credit Cards

Don’t Break up, do this instead!

We mess up when we take more than we give in any relationship, and this includes our relationship to credit cards.

This article is a simple step-by-step guide to save your relationship with credit cards and why you should try to save the relationship after the honeymoon of irresponsibility and denial is over. Whatever you do, don’t Break up! When used correctly credit cards are an extremely rewarding relationship that you want to keep in your life.

Some people have a bad experience with credit cards and swear them off forever. This is like dating, having a bad experience, and writing off dating forever. Credit cards are even better than dating actual men, they are like plastic sugar daddies, they like when you use them and they give you presents when you use them right. Flights, hotels, meals, vacations, they want to appreciate you so good! Why would you pass up a sugar daddy without the uncomfortable, energetic, and emotional implications that being with someone you don’t love has?

Credit cards are also not the bad boy’s most make them out to be, they are safer to use than debit cards. Debit card use is linked to most identify theft. Credit cards can offer you some kind of insurance most of the time if your identity or card is stolen and used. For real, look into it!

So, maybe you didn’t learn to use your credit cards correctly? I definitely didn’t. The only way to use your cards correctly is to, use them and pay them all off before the end of your billing cycle. Period. This is the only way. If you want to buy something that you know you won’t be able to pay off at the end of the month think about it, babe. Sleep on it. Ask someone for the money if you have to. Just don’t swipe that card! Please. But you’re probably here because you’ve already dug yourself a karmic grave with credit cards. It’s okay I did it too, and I’m telling you no matter how bad it is — you can fix this.

Step 1. Show the universe you’re serious and that you’re not going to text your credit card later tonight after telling them you need space. Freeze your credit cards, for real Sis. Grab them all, put them in a freezer-safe Ziploc with water and some room, and put them in the freezer! Erase all saved credit cards from your computer. It’s time for a much-needed break and space from each other.

Step 2. Admit it. Something is not working. Now that you have some space, take inventory of your relationship and the current state of things. Take a day or two to face the situation no matter how ugly it is. Evaluate how you got here, to begin with. Accept. Forgive yourself! The longer you put off this step, the longer in debt you will be because debt grows and feeds off guilt and denial, not your late payment fees.

Step 3. Make a plan and Lighten up! I know when you’re looking at a mountain of credit card debt this sounds insensitive, but please lighten up! Make a game of paying your credit cards back. You will pay them back eventually, but not without a plan.

The most simple and effective plan: Make a list of your debts from smallest to biggest. Start with your smallest debt, the absolute smallest. Pay this as soon as possible, do a happy dance, and move on to your second biggest debt. Don’t just pay the minimum, throw as much money as possible at the current card you are paying off. Pay the minimum on all the others until you pay off your current smallest debt. Get on a roll. Once you have paid down a few cards you will feel like a champion. Celebrate every single payment you make queen.

Step 4. Appreciation gets you everywhere. Appreciate your credit cards, look at all they want to offer you if you treat them right! Call one of the reps of the card you are currently paying off and gush about how excited you are to get back together with your credit cards, tell that rep how you messed up, tell them your plan to win your credit card back, and tell them how you can’t wait to be wined and dined and gifted so many free things once you win your lover back. How many calls like this do they get? Make that person’s day. Hey, they may even offer you a cut on your APR percentage. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Step 5. In this case, it’s okay to date while you’re taking a break. You can appreciate other credit cards that you still qualify for which give you 0% APR for a limited time. Apply for those, transfer your debt over, and also no-touchy you’re just seeing what’s out there, do not use those new cards!

Life is short, and fucking up with credit cards is not the end of the world, so please make the journey to freedom from debt a little more fun. Imagine the giggles and fun you can have with this.

After putting my credit cards in the freezer last year and making a promise to myself to pay off all my credit card debts, and small business loans, off as soon as possible I’m almost done!

Pairing a light and faithful mindset with consistent action is powerful.

You can have a super sexy, fulfilling, and rewarding relationship with your credit cards, one that you never dreamed of possible. Don’t listen to those who tell you they are evil and to stay away, they don’t understand. Credit Cards are like a man you desire, and not only do they want to fuck you too, their heart is open, they are emotionally available, and they want to appreciate you, and take care of you in so many delicious ways.

You are worthy of healthy relationships where giving and taking flow with love, respect, and joy. Credit cards respect and love themselves deeply, and so they will not ever put up with your empty promises and fear! They expect appreciation and respect. If anything let your “bad experience” with credit cards be a reminder to love yourself as much as credit cards love themselves, and even better.




I write for the soulful, adventurous, and entrepreneurial woman. Connect with me on IG @rocioreyes___ @peacewithrocio

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Peace with Rocio

Peace with Rocio

I write for the soulful, adventurous, and entrepreneurial woman. Connect with me on IG @rocioreyes___ @peacewithrocio

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